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WTOJ is a mysterious station that intercepted and broadcasted many curious items during the year leading up to the Time of Judgment. (The TOJ in the call letters presumably refer to the Time of Judgment.) Items broadcasted usually had to do with troubles various supernatural organizations went through as the End Times approached. The fall of the Masquerade, the approach of the Red Star, and so on.

Oddly enough, many of the items broadcasted over WTOJ were originally private correspondence. It's unknown how these items were obtained by WTOJ, although a connection to the Rogue Council has been suggested.

WTOJ broadcasted between July 28, 2003, and January 14, 2004.

WTOJ was never mentioned in any book. It was provided as a newsticker running across the top of the White Wolf website, with a new item every day to hype up the coming Time of Judgment books. Although the content of the entries exists in various forms on the WWWiki, the original text can be found here.
Amusingly enough, there is a real WTOJ, which broadcasts to Carthage, New York.

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