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W20 Umbra: The Velvet Shadow is a sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition, detailing the parts of the Umbra most often visited by Garou and their spirit denizens.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

Beyond the Material
Only foolish werewolves believe that they can win the war against the Wyrm in the physical world alone. Some use the Penumbra as a shortcut, a staging ground, or as a way to set traps for spiritually-aware foes. Others take Moon Bridges to the Realms of the Near Umbra, seeking powerful spirit magics or a concentration of the Wyrm’s forces headed to attack Gaia. Some cross into different spirit worlds again, hoping to find some undiscovered lore that might turn the tide in their favor. And a few werewolves whisper of the existence of creatures blessed by Gaia herself, giving of Herself to stave off the Wyrm’s corruption.
The World’s Reflection
This book presents the spirit world of the Umbra as seen and understood by the Garou and their fellow shapeshifters, providing players and Storytellers both with new information about the various spirit worlds. It includes a detailed look at the animistic Umbra as the werewolves know it, with new information on the Penumbra and the Realms. Storytellers can use the information on the Astral and Dark Umbrae — in both the Penumbra and the spirit world itself — to present unfamiliar spirit worlds that bring new challenges to the Garou. The book also contains details on the Kami, creatures and places possessed by the energies of Gaia herself.
Umbra: Velvet Shadow contains:
  • A detailed look at the Penumbra, the major Realms of the Near Umbra, and the Astral and Dark Umbrae.
  • New information on the animistic spirits of the Near Umbra, including plenty of new spirits to liven up the spirit world.
  • New lore and systems for the Kami, chosen of Gaia, and a host of example chosen.



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