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A Vulgate- also known as Mundus Imaginalis- is the lowest part of the High Umbra. It incorporates the most easiest accesible concepts that the collective philosophy and mindsets of humanity (and, possibly, some other species) has thought of. It is one of the easiest parts of the High Umbra to reach, as it can be accessed from the Penumbra, the Middle Umbra, the Pattern Web and the Digital Web.

The Vulgate itself acts as a doorway to the micro-realms and domains that incorporate mental concepts (such as learning, the thought of the sky, etc.) and that interact frequently with one another as human ideas and beliefs change. Within the Vulgate, only the most basic impressions can be found, such as the feeling of blinding light or the thought of a simple object like a chair. Others form domains, like the River of Language or the Bibliotheca Iskandria, that span up into higher umbral reaches.

Above the Vulgate lie the Spires.

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