In the old form of the Kithain, Voile is chimerical clothing, garb, and/or jewelry.

Overview Edit

Chimerical clothing is the most common type of Dreamed Chimera. When a changeling experiences his or her Chrysalis they almost always awaken wearing clothing suitable for their kith. Jewelry is often included, especially if it is something like a necklace, waistband, belt, or hair adornment. Some voile sparkles with hundreds of gems but it is usually an afterthought. There are a few kith, notably Boggans and Nockers, who are adept at creating voile accouterments.

Rarely, a changeling will Chrysalis clad not in faerie finery but chimerical armor. When it happens it usually denotes a fae with extraordinary martial skills and a need to use them. Armor and weapons are the second most common chimerical items but almost always need to be crafted.

Voile can be anything from medieval, to modern, to even futuristic in design.

Voile is usually worn on top of a changeling's "real" clothes because naked people running around swinging imaginary swords would quickly get locked up.  

References Edit

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