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Void Correspondence is a variation of the Correspondence Sphere pioneered by the Void Engineers. It allows Void Engineers to detect objects at interplanetary scales at the cost of being less effective for nearby objects.


The difficulty to use Void Correspondence depends on bot the distance from the Void Engineer and the degree to which a Quantum Field Resonance (QFR) has been established. This is established by measuring the characteristics of a location or object, and allowing entanglement to connect the two objects or locations. The number of successes needed is the minimum of those from the literal distance and the QFR, so a Construct on the other side of the world will still only require a single success.

Successes Literal Distance Quantum Field Resonance
1 1 kilometer Technocratic Construct Lab or Voidship
2 5 kilometers (Earth's horizon) Temporary Void Engineer Installation
3 200 kilometers (low Earth orbit) Void Engineer Survey
4 1000 kilometers (high Earth orbit) Non-Enlightened Telemetry
5 500,000 kilometers (near translunar space) Direct Detection (by telescope, etc.)
6 150 million kilometers (1 AU) Indirect Detection (gravitational wobble or spectral analysis)


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