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Count Vladimir Rustovich was one of the greatest Voivodes of Transylvanian history and a legendary enemy of the Shadow Lords.


Formerly a Bratovitch revenant, Vladimir assumed both the mantle of Cainite, the title of Voivode, and his sire's estate through diligence, might, and a modicum of treachery. He became renown even during his mortal days fighting numerous battles against the many enemies of his clan, and after his sire fell in battle against werewolves, Vladimir led the campaign against both his rivals and the culprit Garou.

He proved himself a ferocious warrior and cunning strategists in the many wars against the Shadow Lords, the invading Ventrue, anarchistic Gangrel, the upstart Tremere and their Gargoyle slaves, and rival Tzimisce. While he battled Teutonic knights in 1313, his jealous brood mates plotted against him and arranged a ambush on his castle by the Shadow Lords, who killed all his servitors and brides. When Vladimir returned his Frenzy was terrible. Stories of the massacre are told even today on the campfires of Shadow Lord moots and even Tzimisce shudder when they hear what he did to his brood mates during the terrors of the Anarch Revolt, whom he joined out of spite and bitterness.

In Modern Nights, Vladimir's main concern was his revenge against the hated Lupines. Aware of Past Lives, he hunted the descendants of those Shadow Lords that attacked his castle. He claimed membership in the Sabbat, but did not concern himself with their goals, using them as a façade for his revenge.

Around 2002, Rustovich murdered the father of Evelyn Constantine. In vengeance, Constantine and her sept called in several favors and Rustovich was killed.[1]


Rustovich is the epitome of nobility. His face is saturnine and sardonic; a slight smile forever graces his countenance. He is tall and well built, bedecked in finery that conveys nobility without foppishness.

When Rustovich uses Vicissitude to assume the Chiropteran Marauder shape, he metamorphoses into a hideous, tusk-fanged bipedal bat.

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