Vlad Rogvodov is an Unseelie Wilder Redcap and resident of the Kingdom of Apples.

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Vlad Rogvodov

Vlad is an irredeemably Unseelie member of the Parliament of Dreams. That being said, he is also a bit unusual for his kith in that he's quite interested in politics, redcaps not being known for being savvy in the quick-thinking department. What he lacks in subtlety he makes up for in enthusiasm. He never misses a meeting, serves on whatever committee will take him, and can always be counted on to express an opinion. What he wants is more representation for the Unseelie in the Parliament. Vlad correctly points out that as Unseelie are essentially half the fae population, they should receive half the votes. He wouldn't mind proportional representation for commoners either, though he has no particular gripe against the sidhe. What upsets him is that all the Seelie goody two-shoes seem to deny the duality of the Kithain soul. Sadly, Vlad's discussion of metaphysics doesn't go much beyond that basic statement, but more and more Unseelie are beginning to sit up and take notice of what he's saying.

Vlad's favorite hangout is the Olive Branch; a pub that serves up lots of cold meats and cheese on delicious wooden plates, not too far from the Parliament's meeting chambers. Most nights, other kithain can find him there, munching dinner (and the meat and cheese on the plates too); any Unseelie might get inspiration from his words.

Vlad is author of the pamphlet Advocates: Pay Heed to the Farce of Courts!

References Edit

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