Vistas are areas within the Umbra that open up a kind of movie reflecting one of four themes: Death, Stasis, Chaos, or Origin. 


Vistas cannot be interacted with and simply show the entity encountering them a vision of some alternative when or where informed by one of its themes.  Scenes depicted show a world where something big has happened like the creation of the universe or stultifying levels of order. These Umbral scenescapes spread across your entire field of view, as if whatever was happening was right in front of you. They seem more like events than like movie screens, and affect all a traveler's senses.

The traumatic nature of Vistas often leaves you feeling depressed and drained afterward, as if everything is preordained. The differences between the visions, however, help to shake this fatalism. After all, each person sees slightly different things, and each Vista differs from the others. An encounter with a Vista is often traumatic, typically resulting in temporary loss of willpower.


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