Viskr is the Mystic faction of each aspect of the Triumvirate that rules the Ananasi society.


Judges and mystics specializing in hidden knowledges, arcane magics, and secret mysteries, they are the most likely to seek interaction with other Changing Breeds, or at least obtain their powers, to fulfill the Great Mother's goals.


Viskr (Mystics)

Tenere Plicare: Shamans of the Weaver, they use powers to exert a perfect control of their life, and to bring precise order to the world around them.
Hatar Anomia: Balancers of the lost Balance, they fulfill the Wyrm's role of destroyer by manipulation mortals into doing their work for them.
Kumoti Amari Aliquid: Sorcerers of chaos and creativity, they fulfill the Wyld's mandate of constant change with persistent motion and action.

Faction GiftsEdit

• Curse of the Great Web (Level One)
• Shroud (Level One)
• Mindspeak (Level Two)
• Minor Unweaving (Level Two)
• Calcify (Level Three)
• Cocoon (Level Three)
• Attunement (Level Four)
• Brethren Call (Level Four)
• Shattering (Level Five)


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