The Visigoth was an ancient Gangrel Elder that lay in Torpor beneath Sevilla.


Little to nothing is known about the origin of the Visigoth. He was eventually staked in the late 800s by an unknown party and has been hidden beneath the city. His body was found in 1100's by a Cainite named Gerushah, the Sultan of Sevilla by the time, who has kept his existence as a secret.

In 1230, a coven of Abyss Mystics under the guidance of the Angellis Ater sought to use the Cry that slays light, a syllable learnt by the vampire Gotzon, that has the power to temporarily blot out the sun creating an 'artificial' eclipse that would awaken the Visigoth.

Through their infernal rituals, these occultists intended to use the Visigoth's body as a vehicle for a powerful demon in order to wreak havoc upon the city of Seville. To this end, they stole a relic from the city and earned the wrath of several powerful factions among the local Cainites.


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