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Virtual Adepts Tradition Book is the first sourcebook on the Virtual Adepts for Mage: The Ascension.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Information of Wants To Be Free!
This is the battle cry of the Virtual Adepts, who sculpt Ascension from raw data input, going beyond the barriers to build a reality of their own. Who are these anarchistic Technomancers and what are they doing behind our backs?
Suck Data Fanboy!
The Virtual Adept Tradition Book follows the path of the Clan and Tribe books, detailing the history, character, world view and tactics of the Virtual Adepts, the cyberhacker wizards of Mage.
The Virtual Adepts Tradition Book includes:
  • Six character templates for players and Storytellers
  • The history, legions, and Paths of the Virtual Adepts
  • Protocols, computers, new rotes, and more!


Prelude: Information Glut

Introduction: FYI CYA

Chapter 1.0: Delusions of Grandeur

Chapter 2.0: Society of Loners

Chapter 3.0: "Does Not Work Well With Others"

Chapter 4.0: Initiates

Appendix 1.0

Appendix 2.0

Background Information


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