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See also: Matron Violetta, a member of the Conspiracy of Isaac

Violetta was a sixth generation Toreador who acted as the Camarilla Justicar in Paris from 1666 to 1897. She is a childe of François Villon, the Prince of Paris, and therefore, grandchilde to Helen of Troy.


The daughter of Spanish nobility and changeling kin, Violetta flouted convention at an early age by becoming an actress (women where not allowed on the stage in this period). Despite the sensation this caused, she became successful throughout France and Spain. She quickly came to the attention of François Villon (now Prince of Paris), then little more than a neonate himself. The two conducted a torrid love affair before Villon embraced her. Despite their initial sire/childe relationship, Violetta quickly proved herself Villon's equal and has even surpassed him in some ways. The two are no longer lovers, but maintain a cordial relationship as of 1666 CE.

Violetta took up with the gangrel Geoffrey Leigh during the late 1400's and he remains her most permanent and consistent lover. Like Villon, her archon Lester Vance was also a gifted poet. Given that Vance died clutching a portrait of Violetta, it is within reason to surmise that they were lovers. Violetta is an ally of Durga Syn and has worked closely with Mithras of London to deal with various threats to that city.

Violetta is something of a vampiric prodigy and quickly impressed the Founders with her abilities. She was one of the primary forces within the European Camarilla during her tenure as Justicar.


All leisurely grace and warm, with an engaging smile on her lips. Violetta is captivating in every way and is easily one of the most beautiful Kindred in the world. She is of Spanish heritage. Her straight black hair has purplish highlights. Her eyes are perhaps her most compelling feature and are a light violet hue. She wears only the finest and most expensive clothing and is always at the forefront of fashion. Some whisper that she has faerie blood. She also appears more human than most Kindred. She exudes a great air of authority and few challenge her opinion on anything. Violetta travels with her coterie, which consists predominantly, but not exclusively, of Toreador Artistes.

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