Vinculum is a term used by vampires to describe a low level community blood bond that is created during the vaulderie.


vinculum: Latin, "bond, fetter, tie"

The emotional bond created through the Vaulderie is called Vinculum. It supercedes traditional blood bonds, as participating in a Vaulderie automatically destroys them, replacing the emotional attachments of the bond with a general positive feeling towards other participants.

Given that vampires are paranoid backstabbers by nature, the synthetic good feelings enforced by the vaulderie are critical to the Sabbat's survival. Loyalty enhanced by the vaulderie ensures a level of coherence within the Sabbat that cannot be matched by the Camarilla.

Vinculum StrengthEdit

Sabbat vampires will have vincula of varying strength with other vampires, a general function of how often they engage in the vaulderie with those other vampires and their initial feelings towards them. Vinculi do not decay over time, unlike normal blood bonds.

Vinculum Effect
10 You will readily give your life — or take the life of another — for the individual.
9 You will do practically anything for the individual, including putting yourself in great danger.
8 You will gladly offer resources or influential assistance to the individual.
7 You may put yourself at moderate risk of harm for the individual and, depending on your code of ethics, may kill for them.
6 You feel strongly for the individual and help them even if it inconveniences you. You will gladly fight for them.
5 You respect the individual and help them out so long as it’s no huge risk or bother.
4 You will aid the individual as long as it doesn’t involve risk or anything out of your way.
3 You are loyal to the individual as long as that loyalty doesn’t interfere with your own designs.
2 You have a minor sense of kinship toward the individual, but you’re not going to go out of your way to help them unless something’s in it for you.
1 Fuck ’em. This isn’t necessarily hostility, but you don’t care about this person on a Vinculum level, though you may on a personal level.


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