Vinata, by Leif Jones

Vinata was a Nagah that is blamed by many of her breed for triggering the War of Rage.


Back in the days when the Nagah ruled openly over their Kin, Vinata was a lieutenant of the local king of India, Takshaka. But hungry for power, the Wyrm had whispered promises in her head if she would do one deed for him. Long did she resist it. She was sent to the Crown of Persia in order to discuss the rapid growth of aggression the Garou showed to their brethren and if more Nagah from other kingdoms would be required to police them. It was then that she finally succumbed to the temptations of the Corrupter and her task was unveiled: To kill a Silver Fang prince that was sent to Eurasia in order to stop the rising violence of his brethren. His name was Petros the Unyielding.

Vinata followed him and killed him near his destination. After the corpse was found, the angry Garou went to some Gurahl and demanded that they resurrect him. As they thought that the Nagah had acted justly in killing him, the Gurahl refused and in their rage, the Garou slaughtered them except for one who fled to the Grondr. Angry at the arrogance and the rising aggression of the werewolves, the two Fera launched a counterstrike that soon spun out of control and triggered the War of Rage.

After the spirits informed the Wani of the atrocity that Vinata had comitted, they sent the Kaliya to take her to Xi Wang Chi to be punished. It is said that it took decades for her to die.

As a consequence of Vinatas betrayal, most Nagah travel in Nests and submit themselves to rites that would allow them to detect any Taint of the Triat within them.


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