Viktor Nagy was one of the first magi of the old House Tremere to be inducted into the vampire Clan that they are today.


Originally from Hungary, Nagy was forced into a monastery, where his quick wits and cunning won the attention of House Tremere. He was introduced to the arts of the Order of Hermes and became a quiet, headstrong magus who preferred physical confrontation to scholary pursuits. Eventually, he was ordered off to Cordoba in order to built a new chantry there.

In time, he was introduced into the vampiric Clan that fostered amidst the order. Nagy gladly gave his life for the powers the vampiric condition granted him and returned to Cordoba, now with the intent on strengthening the hold of the Clan over the Iberian Peninsula, heading his own chantry. He earned the emnity of both the Assamites and the Lasombra during these nights and eventually was killed from the shadows by unknown means.

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