Vigor is the Discipline that endows Kindred with the "epic strength of many men." The Discipline of Vigor is among the most well-known and basic of vampiric abilities that are known to be possessed by the Kindred; making them several times stronger than the most physically strong human. It is among the most dangerous of Disciplines as the preternatural strength it affords allows vampires to perform feats of strength that deform environments and cause significant injures to humans with ease; physical confrontations between Kindred learned in the Discipline of Vigor can be terrifying and dangerous spectacles to behold, resulting in intense injuries that would kill a man instantaneously as well as considerable property damage.


Nearly every vampire legend across the globe expresses the preternatural strength possessed by the undead. In truth, not all Kindred possess such inhuman might, but the Discipline of Vigor makes those who do far more powerful than any mortal.

Vigor allows Kindred to strike opponents with the force of a falling boulder or speeding car; to lift enormous weights as though they were paper; to shatter concrete like glass; and to leap distances and heights so great that Kindred elders with obscenely high and well evolved levels of Vigor may, in fact, be responsible for the legends of vampiric flight.

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