Victorian Age: Vampire Companion fills out many of the details left out in the Victorian Age: Vampire Rulebook and London by Night. This is the last book in the Victorian Age line.


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Gaslights and Gentlemen
The Victorian era witnesses the birth of the vampire, raising him from a marauding fiend of the night to a figure of gothic eminence. The era's secrets, however, still lurk in the darkness like terrors shrouded by London's fog. Further mysteries await in the night, ready (and waiting...) for the Kindred to unearth them.
The Victorian Age Companion includes:
  • Detailed information on the secret societies of the Victorian age and new rules for creating and managing your own conspiracy.
  • New allies and antagonists, including the unholy hybrid creations of vampiric magic and Victorian technology
  • Information and rules for Victorian-era Abilities and Backgrounds, and the bloodlines of the era.



An overview of book information and suggestions on how to use this book in a campaign.

Chapter One: Behind the FacadeEdit

The supernatural truth behind many famous secret occult societies such as the Freemasons, the Enlightened Society of the Weeping Moon, the Order of the Oriental Fellowship, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Brotherhood of the Twin Princes of Tiernmas, the Unbroken Chain of the Arman, the Theosophical Society, the Illuminated Rosicrucian Order, the Red Lodge, the Poor Radical Dynamiter Knights of King Mob, the Young Men's Christian Anarchist League, and the Round Table. Also included are suggestions for making original secret societies and why it may be beneficial to join one.

Chapter Two: The Twilight GlobeEdit

Notes on the Kindred influence on the rest of the world, filling in the details missed in the Rulebook.

Chapter Three: The Night Society and BeyondEdit

The role of science and the industrial revolution, and how the Kindred hope to manipulate it for their own gains. Includes notes on Soulcrafting, a new Necromancy ritual. Then, information on how mortal authorities respond to supernatural acts, followed by the more primitive supernatural creatures that haunt the sewers and darkness in this era and information on the Brotherhood of Penitence.

Chapter Four: The Stories of the AgeEdit

The conventions of Gothic storytelling, and how to make them work for the Storyteller in a campaign.

Chapter Five: Victorian CharactersEdit

Information on the existing bloodlines and kindred miscellaney in the Victorian era: the Caitiff, the Daughters of Cacophony, the Gargoyles, the Kiasyd, the Salubri, and the Samedi. Also has information on specialty abilities and Backgrounds available in the Victorian era, Victorian-era Merits and Flaws, and character templates.

Chapter Six: The Practical ArtsEdit

Notes and rules on traveling, communicating, and weaponry in the nineteenth century.

Background InformationEdit

The Daughters of Cacophony heading is misspelled in their section.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Gossamer girls with lilting voices? Meals in skirts, nothing more."
— Axel Von Anders, Brujah antitribu of Munich on the Daughters of Cacophony



Caitiff, Daughters of Cacophony, Gargoyle (VTM), Kiasyd, Salubri, Samedi

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