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Victoria Station was an Etherite space station located in the Moon's Penumbra. Originally a train station from Victorian London, it served as a forward base for many Ethernauts exploring the Deep Umbra.

After the Avatar Storm, it fell into disrepair and most of its inhabitants discorporated, transforming into spirits.


Victoria Station was originally built in the Penumbra of London, England in 1871. Stephen Lawrence Robertson of the Electrodyne Engineers had dreams of a world-wide rail network utilizing teleportation and spirit portals to take travelers anywhere in the world; when one of the flagship trains was lost in the Dark Umbra in 1881, however, the whole endeavor collapsed.

In 1893, Captain Horatio Savage of the Electrodyne Engineers managed a moon landing, but returned without the rest of his crew and refused to discuss what had transpired. Instead, he apparently made a deal with the fae to teleport the disused Victoria Station from London to a small Penumbral asteroid orbiting the Moon. This asteroid was outfitted with four docks, allowing various Umbra-faring craft to stop at the station to rest, resupply, or change out crew members as needed.

Darkside Moon Base tried for years to attack Victoria Station before giving it up as a bad job. Professor Dubrius, the station's commander, was apparently unaware that anyone other than Captain Savage had ever landed on the surface of the Moon until informed by Dr. Van Bass. Within Victoria Station, the marvels of the Victorian Era never ended

The Avatar Storm isolated the realm, causing it to fall into disregard and multiple of its engines failing. A grey pallor lies above Victoria Station, only driven back by the light of the Red Star in the east. Aetheric mists crawls in as the oxygen engines come close to failure and most recent visitors believe that the realm is close to dissolution. The discorporated inhabitants don't care about the threatening obliberation of their home, instead remaining trapped in their past as Victorian gentlemen, planning their next travel or strike against the Technocratic Union.