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They call me Bishop Vick, Shepherd of the Damned, your midnight guide through our last days here on earth. Do you feel it, brother? The curtain being drawn back at last, drawn back by my hand, by the Brotherhood of the Ninth Circle!

Do you seek the truth? You've come to the right place! We've got more truth here than we can handle...

  — Bishop Vick

Bishop Vick is the leader of an apocalyptic vampire faction, the Brotherhood of the Ninth Circle. He was destroyed at the hands of the prince's agent in late 2004.

While Vick hates his vampiric nature and wishes to destroy everything, he is very competent in using vampire Disciplines.

At some point in the past, Vick was Embraced by an unknown vampire. This Embrace left Vick with trauma and a warped worldview.


  • A Plague For The Angels
  • More Fun With Pestilence

Background Information

  • The only Discipline Vick is seen using is Celerity, indicating he's likely a Brujah or Toreador.