Vessel (MTC)

Vessels are objects which are infused with Sekhem as part of the ancient magic of Irem. According to the Arisen, vessels are instruments of the Judges' will, lesser than the mummies but still a part of the pattern of Fate. There are two types of vessels: vestiges and relics. Vestiges are repositories of unrefined Sekhem which hold memories of those that created them. Mummies use vestiges to recapture their forgotten memories and reestablish themselves (in game terms, mummies who encounter clues to their past get experience points that can be spent on increasing their Memory ratings).

Relics are more powerful and focused vessels with mystical abilities that mummies can use by expending Pillars, although a rare few can be used by anyone, including mortals. These powerful artifacts fall into five categories (see below) and have drawback curses associated with using them. For the Arisen, however, their mystical techniques learned through their guilds allow them to use their guild's favored vessels without invoking the drawback.

The five categories of relics are...

  • Amulets: Jewelry, seals, obelisks and other items which typically grants Skills and Merits to the user at the cost of penalties to other abilities.
  • Effigies: Images of people, objects, areas, or classes of things which can be changed to affect the thing they represent in the same way. When activated, effigies also affect the target to their own ends as well.
  • Regia: Alchemically transformed objects using Iremite magic and now bearing magic bound into their very form. When used, though, they corrupt and drain living things around them like poison.
  • Texts: Papyrus scrolls, carved pillars, or other means of writing these magical words rearrange the world around them when used, but they also affect the minds of those nearby.
  • Uter: Living or once living objects like animal skins, insects preserved in amber, or mummified body parts which affect or enhance qualities of themselves or their users. While they allow the mummy to exceed in one aspect, though, they typically disrupt another.
  • Seba: These are relics with no physical form, originally created through the power of Nomenclature. They manifest in the form of a sphere of bright light, and when manifested they can be bound by someone with the right knowledge of true names. When used, Fate turns the effect back on the user.

Bane Relics can be of any category (except seba), but they are created through the power of Ammut, and only Shuankhsen can use them without triggering the curse.


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