The Veinous Stair is a passage from Stygia directly into the Labyrinth. The most stable place in the Shadowlands, the Stair is composed of black stone of an unknown type. Roughly carved stairs, around eighteen inches wide and twelve inches deep, descend into the heart of the Labyrinth. The black walls of the Stair are lined with a bloody pink stone that seems to pulse and writhe in the darkness. This pink stone is known as death ore, and is used in the production of Stygian steel. Veins of Angst and soulfire also run through the Stair. All of these materials mined and controlled by the Hierarchy.

No wraith, even the Thralls that mine the death ore, have ventured more than halfway down the Veinous Stair save one: Charon. Legend says he ventured down to the bottom to rescue Nhudri from Spectres. Spectres, however, frequently crawl up the stair, either to capture errant miners and Doomslayers or to cause trouble in Stygia itself.


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