The Vedma are a bloodline of mysterious witches occasionally aligned to the Ordo Dracul.

While they are typically seen as a Gangrel bloodline, many Vedma claim an older pedigree. Their unusual powers, including the discipline of Zagovny, are said to be the result of ancient, undiluted vitae and even older secrets. Their association with the Ordo Dracul is a practical one: the Ordo wants to know the secrets the Vedma keep, and the Vedma appreciate the respect the Ordo grants them. Not all Vedma are comfortable with this alliance, however, and the majority remain solitary.

Vedma, when they do Embrace childer, tend to prefer elderly women. Even when one Embraces someone younger, the new Vedma quickly takes on a similarly aged and haggard appearance. Vedma often dress like bag ladies or homeless eccentrics, and they prefer to shelter below ground during the day, so they may in fact be carrying the bulk of their worldly possessions with them at any time. The bloodline is still most common in Russia and Eastern Europe, and even in the United States they stick to immigrant communities from these regions.

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