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Vatea, also known as Fish Father, is a term used by the Merfolk to refer to a member of the Undersea Triat, the Incarna of creation and fecundity, analogous to the Wyld.


The Fish Father, as tales have it, constantly attended by a haze of millions of its children. It is commonly depicted as a huge fish which combines aspects of many of its children (pufferfish scales, lionfish fins, eel tail, shark teeth, etc.). Some of the mer claim that Vatea has human legs; this is an idea that bothers most of the mer — for such a thing would imply a certain alienation between themselves and their spiritual father.


  • The Rokea know this Celestine as Kun, the “Mother of Fishes”. These are only two of the entity’s faces; this legendary figure is allegedly capable of quickly changing its mind, its shape, its gender, and its location.