Varsik was one of the two founders of the Bashirite Ravnos. He was a powerful and influential merchant during the Dark Ages.


Varsik originated from an Armenian family and had turned to merchant life in order to satisfy his wanderlust until he settled in Damascus. His skill with words, sleight of hand, and inherent wanderlust attracted the notion of the methuselah Bashir, who Embraced Varsik as one of his seven disciples.

He followed his sire and broodmates around the medieval world, earning Bashir's trust after he saved him from a betrayal from a Ventrue, which claimed the life of three of his broodmates. He and Bashir began to fuse the teachings of the Road of Paradox with that of the Christian Book of Revelations, although Varsik quickly found himself at odds with the moderate views of his sire.

In 1101 CE, he came to Jerusalem following the Final Death of another disciple during the Crusade and placed himself under the protection of the native Lasombra. He hoped to use the chaos within the city to spread the Bashirite creed to others of his Clan and even other Cainites, while he amassed a massive fortune by himself, becoming one of the most powerful figures within the city.

Unfortunately, his betrayal of the Bashirites and his unfortunate habit of messing with the plans of ancient methuselahs proved to be his undoing.

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