Vayu also known as Vata, Vayu-Vata, Ram, is the God of wind and air.


Vayu is the breath of life and hope, and fights alongside his pantheon in the war against the Titans. But he is also the last breath at death and is known as the strongest not for his physical strength, but because he makes such strength irrelevant. Prayers to Vayu are always specifically directed to him in his aspect as a benign force, but those prayers are half a request for help and half a plea to be spared his darker side.

Vayu is the bridge between the good and evil, the light and dark, and has an agenda all his own. Vayu's relationship with the rest of the Yazata is somewhat questionable, as he has been known to work with the Titans in the past. He keeps his own counsel on this, but he still comes to the aid of the other Gods. He is the biggest element of chaos within the Yazata, but he claims the discord he brings necessarily keeps the pantheon and their people from stagnating.

Vayu is usually seen as a tall, tanned, handsome man in the prime of youth, flashing a bright smile. Sometimes he is a skinny, sallow teenager, lying and stealing his way from city to city. As a soldier, he single-handedly kept his platoon alive. He has worked as an anesthesiologist with a disturbing track record of accidental patient deaths. As a traveling minister, he reaffirms the faith of everyone he meets.

Like their father, Vayus Scions are changeable and morally ambiguous. The potential for nobility is present, but grim, selfish practicality is far more likely to rear its head in one of Vayu's own. He lets his Scions make decision on their own as they grow up and rarely gives orders even after their Visitation. He chooses his Scions for their self-reliance and willfulness. He wants collaborators, not pawns other Gods' Scions are good for that and he doesn't want to have to hold his Scions' hands and tell them what to do.

  • Associated Powers - Epic Dexterity, Epic Manipulation, Asha, Chaos, Death, Pyschopomp, Sky.
  • Abilities - Athletics, Awareness, Control, Melee, Presence, Stealth.
  • Rivals - Haoma, Vahram; Anubis, Heimdall, Izanagi, Legba, Quetzalcoatl, Thor, Zeus.


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