The Vanishing Naga is a magic specialty store in Cymru.


Vanishing Naga.png

Mandala Bhattachariya, a nocker wilder, is famous among Kithain, hedge magicians and conjurers (stage magicians) for her magic and illusional apparati. From her permanently parked tinker's wagon and workshop, she makes all items herself and provides a lifetime guarantee, Mandala's specialty is trick cabinets; these large boxes make people disappear, change into tigers, or appear to be cut in half, with a little help from the performer, of course. The cabinets are extremely expensive, but they are works of art decorated to specification. The nocker also sells books, videotapes and white rabbits. Many of her smaller items, like rubber chickens, cups and balls, floating cards and trick ropes, are more affordable. The Vanishing Naga is located on the A404 highway near Cwmbran.


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