You're the next one for the needle? Your donation could save a life, you know, but it isn't a little late for altruism? I don't think you're here to give blood.
Here again? What's the matter? Can't bring yourself to tear into the neck of some quote-unquote "innocent?" All that blood out there and you have to buy the prepackaged stuff!
Guns make people cocky; they never appreciate what a skilled hand married to a knife can do. All you have to do is get close enough to cut off the trigger finger... or their face.
  — Vandal Cleaver

Vandal Cleaver is Therese Voerman's ghoul who works at the blood bank in Santa Monica.  Despite being Voerman's ghoul, Cleaver hates his regnant, going so far as to nickname her the "Queen Bitch". His hatred of her is not just directed towards her position as his master, but also her vampiric nature. Cleaver appears to hate vampires, stating that he only became a ghoul because he fell for the charms of a vampire, presumably Therese. He also states that "he doesn't do dead chicks". He is also heavily afflicted by the Malkavian blood of his domitor, showing signs of madness similar to that which affects the Malkavian protagonist.

Cleaver has a very unpleasant personality, being extremely misanthropic and hating almost every person in his life. He sees blood as wine, being interested by its bouquet, calling it "Nectar of the Gods". He is also extremely sadistic, having a violent upbringing. He stated that when he was a child, he loved to kill rats with traps and then watch as their blood coagulated near the cheese.


  • In Kilpatrick's Bail Bonds' computer data base, it states that Cleaver has previously been in trouble with the police for assaulting a woman.
  • cis a client of an escort named Hannah Glazer, located in the Downtown area. In her appointment book, he is referred to as "Vandal B."
  • If the protagonist has low humanity, there is an alternate dialog option where the player shares tales of his murders to Vandal.
  • Cleaver refers to the protagonist as the "Blood God".
  • A Malkavian protagonist can use Dementation to make Vandal burst out in maniacal laughter.


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