Vampire by Gaslight
Authors: Jackie Cassada, Jason Feldstein, Edward MacGregor, Nicky Rea, Jesse Roberts and Andrew J. Scott
Developed by: Peter Woodworth
Edited by: Carl Bowen
Previously published material has appeared in: Laws of the Night, Victorian Age: Vampire, Victorian Age Companion, Laws of the Wyld West, London by Night
Art Direction by: Katie McCaskill
Layout, Typesetting and Cover Design: Katie McCaskill
Art: Laura Robles
Special Thanks
Ken “Consulting Detective” Cliffe, for having the clarity of Holmes in spotting so many mistakes, and the charity of Watson when pointing them out.

Justin “Shadowy Benefactor” Achilli, for supplying both the necessary background material, as well as taking part in all the historical discussions necessary to bring this book together.

Additional Thanks
Thanks to all the people on the Mind’s Eye Theatre Forum who keep me honest,challenge my perceptions, question my rulings, make me laugh, and most importantly make me remember why I love this job on a regular basis: Dr. James A. Hussiere, Zhavric, THG, Eidolon, Ryusen, Dolston, Zenten, Qadi, Iain_Wilson, Tuesday, Empusas, Kane, Geminibabe, Spectremeat, Phaedrus, Dunx, Aethelwulf, Vin_Giovanni, Awarlock, White_Rat, Wideawakewesley, Shmack, Kai-Kurai, 42!, Flannel, Jackob, Dominus, Theson, Gwarocks, Marveen, Deadseraphim, Tyhood, Lorgothae, ViciousFish, Jed, Strider1276, Daibheid, Ghidzilla and yes, even you, Shadow. To anyone I missed, sorry about that, stop lurking, we want to hear from you more. As for the rest of you, all your stories, comments, congratulations, musings, critiques and jokes do not go unheard, nor does the effort and imagination you pour into this game. God bless us every one!
Publisher: White Wolf
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Publication Date: November 3, 2003
Pages: 256
Year: 1880
Product code: WW 05041
Reference Number: ISBN 1-58846-520-9
PDF: Bullet-rpg
Price: Digital: $11.99

Print on Demand: $19.99

Vampire by Gaslight is the Mind's Eye Theater implementation for Victorian Age: Vampire.


An Age of Romance and Gothic Elegance
From decadent dinner parties to foggy cobblestone streets, the world of the 19th century remains a place of superstition and mystery, where ancient legends mix with modern penny dreadfuls, and the most scientific minds still explore the spirit realm. Here the Kindred, long since banished to mere folklore, find themselves newly crowned celebrities, expressions of forbidden passion to a cultured world poised on the brink of a great transition.
Witness the Vampire Reborn
Vampire by Gaslight is the new historical setting for Minds Eye Theatre, based on Victorian Age: Vampire. Presented herein is all the material you need to play a vampire of this refined and distant era - the clans, their allies and enemies, as well as a wealth of information about the mortal world at the height of the Victorian Era and how the Kindred have come to claim it as their own.


Prologue: A Gentleman's AgreementEdit

A Most Formal IntroductionEdit

Chapter One: This Night SocietyEdit

Chapter Two: Those Damned by BloodEdit

Chapter Three: A Perfect MonsterEdit

Chapter Four: An Empire of DarknessEdit

Chapter Five: Telling the Gothic TaleEdit

Chapter Six: Shadows in the NightEdit

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