Vampire Storytellers Screen Second Edition is a storyteller screen for Vampire: The Masquerade Second Edition. This screen is the perfect tool to help a storyteller in the course of a chronicle. It has easy to read charts to reference while running an adventure. It also includes a booklet of potential Contacts, Victims, and/ or Retainers that can be used during the course of an adventure.


Minor CharactersEdit

These characters are mentioned in descriptions of the Contacts and Victims are not mentioned in any other source.

  • Chamozel - Egyptian Ventrue
  • Celeste - Toreador owner of Corday Records
  • Tezcatlipoca - Ancient Malkavian
  • Jonathan - Malkavian Elder Actor/Director
  • Tiberius - Unknown Clan
  • Cawthorne - Unknown Clan



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