The Vampire: The Requiem Character Sheet Pad is a collection of character sheets and Storyteller charts for use in a Chronicle of Vampire: The Requiem.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

Keeping Track
The danse macabre is set to the tune of secrets. Who knows them, who keeps them and who's willing to share - for a price. Now you have a place to keep all of your Vampire character's secrets. Just beware the player looking over your shoulder.
No More Photocopies
Continuing its line of tools for the Storytelling System™, White Wolf provides this indispensable collection of Vampire: The Requiem™ character sheets. This pad contains one character sheet from each Clan and Covenant combination (that's 25 sheets total).
As a bonus, the quick reference side of the Storyteller's Screen is included, which displays all the necessary rules and charts for easy reference during game sessions.

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