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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt is a Vampire: The Masquerade Battle Royale set in the Old Town district of Prague following the Second Convention of Prague. After an attack on the Convention by the Second Inquisition (specifically the Entity, the Vatican Secret Service), the Camarilla declares a Blood Hunt on all Anarchs. Local Kindred face off against each other for supremacy, while avoiding the Red Gas deployed by the Entity.

Bloodhunt is free to play, with costs funded by cosmetics. Some cosmetics are made available as progression rewards, others can be purchased on a rotating limited basis in a store.

Map of Prague


Two archetype classes are available per clan:

  • Brujah
    • Brute: Frontline defender. The Brute comes to defense of their allies while keeping enemies at bay. Powers: Soaring Leap, True Grit, Shockwave Punch
    • Vandal: Reckless brawler. Immense strength is channeled through the fist of the Vandal, making them bring the combat up close and personal with enhanced durability and crushing force. Powers: Soaring Leap, Adrenaline Rush, Earth Shock
  • Nosferatu
    • Saboteur: Stealthy trapper. Shifting through the shadows, the Saboteur utilizes defensive contraptions to punish reckless enemies. Powers: Vanish, Unseen Passage, Sewer Bomb
    • Prowler: Relentless hunter. By mastering the creatures of nature as well as the Beast within, the Prowler gains unparalleled abilities to track and reveal their enemies. Powers: Vanish, Sense the Beast, Scouting Famulus
  • Toreador
    • Siren: Stunning beauty. Sirens are always looking for the next opportunity to leave enemies blinded by the mere sight of their beauty. Powers: Projection/Dash, Kindred Charm, Blinding Beauty
    • Muse: Rejuvenate presence. Whenever allies falter, the Muse runs to the rescue and inspires them back into the fray through their enchanting song. Powers: Projection/Dash, Final Act, Rejuvenating Voice

Future additions

  • Ventrue have been confirmed as the next clan to be added.


The central location is the Elysium found in a chamber under the Prague Castle.

Prague's Old Town contains a number of additional locales


Mortals can be fed on, their blood drained, in order to regain health. Additionally, some mortals have one of four Blood Resonances, which provide additional effects:

  • Choleric
  • Melancholic
  • Phlegmatic
  • Sanguine


Season 1

  • Act 1 (September 9, 2021): Kindred across Prague participate in the Blood Hunt while the Entity watches on. Toreador Primogen Maia, Brujah Sheriff Kiril, and Keeper of Elysium Custos wonder what happened to the other Camarilla clan leadership.