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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt is a Vampire: The Masquerade Battle Royale set in the Old Town district of Prague following the Second Convention of Prague. After an attack on the Convention by the Second Inquisition (specifically the Entity, the Vatican Secret Service), the Camarilla declares a Blood Hunt on all Anarchs. Local Kindred face off against each other for supremacy, while avoiding the Red Gas deployed by the Entity.

Bloodhunt is free to play, with costs funded by cosmetics. Some cosmetics are made available as progression rewards in the battle pass (either free, or paid, which includes incremental XP bonus increases for placing high in a match), others can be purchased on a rotating limited basis in a store.

Bloodhunt - Prague In-Game Map

Map of Prague


Up to two archetype classes are available per clan:

  • Brujah
    • Brute: Frontline defender. The Brute comes to defense of their allies while keeping enemies at bay. Powers: Soaring Leap, True Grit, Shockwave Punch
    • Vandal: Reckless brawler. Immense strength is channeled through the fist of the Vandal, making them bring the combat up close and personal with enhanced durability and crushing force. Powers: Soaring Leap, Adrenaline Rush, Earth Shock
  • Nosferatu
    • Saboteur: Stealthy trapper. Shifting through the shadows, the Saboteur utilizes defensive contraptions to punish reckless enemies. Powers: Vanish, Unseen Passage, Sewer Bomb
    • Prowler: Relentless hunter. By mastering the creatures of nature as well as the Beast within, the Prowler gains unparalleled abilities to track and reveal their enemies. Powers: Vanish, Sense the Beast, Scouting Famulus
  • Toreador
    • Siren: Stunning beauty. Sirens are always looking for the next opportunity to leave enemies blinded by the mere sight of their beauty. Powers: Projection/Dash, Kindred Charm, Blinding Beauty
    • Muse: Rejuvenate presence. Whenever allies falter, the Muse runs to the rescue and inspires them back into the fray through their enchanting song. Powers: Projection/Dash, Final Act, Rejuvenating Voice
  • Ventrue
    • Enforcer (added during 25/03/2022 test) : Imposing juggernaut. The resolute will of the Enforcer disrupts enemy minds into a state of submission and disarray, crippling their usual supernatural prowess into mere shambles. Powers: Flesh of Marble, Subjugating Presence, Unyielding Charge
    • Warden (added in December Update; 13/12/2022): Commanding Authority. Take command of the battlefield and compel your enemies to halt their movement. Wardens can force their enemies to stay put or suffer the consequences. They use their powers to keep attackers off their backs, or to hinder their victims from running away. Powers: Flesh of Marble, Resilience, Shackles
  • Tremere
    • Scholar (added in Tremere Update; 28/03/2023): Blood Mage. The Scholar uses their secret knowledge of the Blood to damage their enemies and heal their allies. By necessity, the Scholar has become adept in many fields. They can oversee and support their group but also track down and destroy anyone who tries to get away – preferably in a very painful manner.


The central location is the Elysium found in a chamber under the Prague Castle.

Matches take place in the Old Town district of Prague, featuring a mix of made up and real life locations from the city.


Mortals can be fed on, their blood drained, in order to regain health. Additionally, some mortals have one of four Blood Resonances, which provide additional effects:

  • Choleric
  • Melancholic
  • Phlegmatic
  • Sanguine


Chapter 1: Founders/Early Access[]


Season 1: Retribution

Chapter 2: Retribution[]

  • Released: April 27, 2022.
  • It is revealed that the information Omnis had previously acquired came too late. Prince Markus has been declared dead, caught in the blaze at the St. Guiles church. In light of this news, and tired of being held back from trying to end the Anarch threat in open war, Kirill claims Praxis.
  • Changes: New archetype, Ventrue Enforcer added. New weapon, 9-Barrell added. Elysium remodeled and expanded to add new locations for Omnis and Kirill. New NPC, Ventrue Doorkeeper added to Elysium. Railway Station exterior location and Library interior location added to Old Town map. 6 new quests added.
  • 3 additional quests added on June 3, 2022.
  • 1 additional quest added July 1, 2022.
    • Quests
      • Dirty Work
      • Damage Report
      • Stakeout
      • Blood Will Have Blood
      • Proof of Unlife
      • Casus Belli
      • Tried and Trusted
      • Pied Piper
      • Becoming a Lion
      • Inside Job
    • Collectibles

Summer Season: Succession

Chapter 3: Succession[]

  • Released: July 14, 2022.
  • Despite difficulties, the childe of former Prince Markus, Em has arrived. She comes bearing a mandate from the Ventrue Justicar Lucinde to restore the Masqurade. With this she takes up residence in the office formerly belonging to Prince Markus, and begins efforts to do just that, quickly gaining support from other leaders in the Elysium and neutering Kirill's plans as interim Prince before they even begin to take effect. Meanwhile, the Anarchs become more organized, and cultist activity in the city begins to grow and take shape. Em's attempts at subterfuge are thorough and complex, but Maia and Omnis see through her plots and discover the truth behind her mandate mandate. Though they know the truth, Em also knows some of their secrets, and they choose to hide what they know from Custos and in so doing turn the Gangrel against Kirill, fully alienating the Brujah Sheriff from the rest of the court members present.
  • Changes: New melee weapons, Crowbar and Knife. Elysium further expanded with addition of Ventrue controlled upper floors, and further accessible Nosferatu area with new entrances from Kirill and Maia's locations. A new train has arrived at the Railway Station in Prague, and the Attic of the Rudolfinum has opened, allowing access to the building proper from the roof. New game mode: Team Death Match, featuring 8v8 combat on a set of 5 different maps created from the current Old Town BR map. 15 new quests and multiple collectibles added, including new type: Personal Mementos.
    • Quests
      • Talent Show
      • Business as Usual
      • The 3 V's
      • Court Games
      • Twenty Questions
      • Science Project
      • A Friend Indeed
      • Let's Talk about Sects
      • Caged
      • A Way with Words
      • In Vino Veritas
      • Pest Control
      • Counterbalance
      • Dust to Dust
      • Draw Enforcement
      • Doublethink (added August 7, 2022)
      • Ogre and the Beast (added August 7, 2022)
      • Mightier than the Sword (added August 30, 2022)
    • Collectibles
      • Slip the Collar
      • Carte Blanche
        • Personal Mementos
          • Carthage Painting
          • Vandalized Portrait
          • Brujah Comic

Chapter 4[]

  • Released December 13, 2022.
  • With her plotting and subterfuge fully implemented (in spite of discovery by some members of the court), Em has eroded Kirill's power among the leaders in Elysium and laid claim to the title of Prince. Despite Kirill's impotent fury at everyone backing the Ventrue, the others are hopeful that she can bring the conflict in the city to a much less violent conclusion.
  • Changes: New Ventrue Archetype: Warden. New melee weapon: Dual Daggers. Music added to Kirill's Bar and Omnis' Hovel. Christmas themed decorations temporarily added around the Elysium. On the Prague map, a party barge has been added near the bridge at the Harbor, the tented area next to the Graveyard has been revealed, and a small downstairs hallway has been made accessible in the Divine Disco. 10 new "Clues" collectibles added and a large number of new conversation pieces to fully unlock most "Lore" journal entries have been added. Note: Though there were two other updates between the Summer update and December update, however they did not feature new story content or collectibles and have been omitted from this section. The major features among them were that main story quests were made permanent starting with those featured in the Chapter 3 update, as well as the addition of bots to backfill all match types except Trios to keep queue times down.

Misc. Updates[]

  • Though Sharkmob has continued releasing monthly updates since December, adding new weapons, features, and an additional clan, a statement was released on 23/02/2023 stating that no new quests would be added to the game for the foreseeable future, citing the difficulty and excessive time of implementation, and the lack of interest from a majority of the player base. They did note that they were seeking alternative ways to continue telling the story unfolding in Bloodhunt.[1]


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