Valoran was the leader of the Celestial Chorus when the Council of Nine Mystic Traditions was founded.


At the beginning of the Fourth Age (according to Chorister reckoning) Valoran came to power as the leader of the Chœur Celeste. He was able to heal much of the internal strife of the Chorus, such as the marginalization of non-Christian Singers, and also reconcile its feuds with the Order of Hermes and Verbena. In 1440 he met with Nightshade, Baldric LaSalle and Sh'zar at Mistridge to lay the groundwork for what would become the Grand Convocation. He quested east, along with Sh'zar, LaSalle, and Ali-beh-shaar in search of like-minded mages, making personal contact with Naioba and the Akashic Brotherhood.

During the Grand Convocation, Valoran discovered Sister Bernadette passed out literally on his doorstep and personally nursed her back to health. This lead her to convert to the Celestial Chorus, and eventually become its representative to the First Cabal.

Valoran eventually became the first Primus of the Celestial Chorus, holding the Seat of Prime. He is the author of the Book of Valoran.


In The Fragile Path: Testament of the First Cabal his name is periodically spelled "Valorian." Other source texts consistently use "Valoran".

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