The Usiri were once priests of Osiris, who watched over Kindred elders in torpor. According to the Usiri, in sleep (or torpor) the mind roams the Underworld, doing battle with all sorts of mystical creatures and perhaps even Osiris himself. They claimed to be able to defend a sleeper's mind against these dangers, and even to prevent memory loss due to the Fog of Eternity.

In reality, the Usiri were excellent con artists. Their signature discipline, Hypnagogia, allows them to manipulate the minds of people in torpor or sleep, rummaging through memories at will. They hoarded the secrets they learned this way, becoming incredible information brokers, even as they fostered fear of torpor among the elders they served.

The entire bloodline went into torpor together with the arrival of the Romans and, with them, the Ventrue into Egypt. In modern nights, only a few have risen, and they struggle to adapt their old tricks to modern society.

References Edit

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