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if there is no listing of what is in v20 or in v5 then those looking at it will be confused, others have the listed difference, as the skill doesnt exist at all in v20, what so ever. it only exists in v5, since it has a few skills combined with others.  why are the differences not listed in the first place? to avoid confusion and adding skills  to versions it doesnt exist.

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I understand the confusion but you may want to look more closely. All cited powers are listed with book pages under the References section of each page, this listed a book and page number. So yes, the power does exist, in the Dark Ages V20 Core book. Also when writing on walls of other's pages (this is a talk page) you want to use 4 ~ tied together. When editing the page it says to do so, this provides a signature so I know who is leaving the edit more clearly instead of hunting for it.

If you have more questions feel free to ask as that is how one learns but also be sure to look at an entire page to learn how a Wiki works before editing.

My suggestion would be to add another entry in the References section for V5 books that list the powers. This keeps up our standard for appearances on how neat and organized things are RinVindor (talk) 22:05, November 12, 2019 (UTC).

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