The Circle of Attican Attorneys is an entitlement that seeks to protect freeholds in the legal realm.


Due to the constant conflict running through the lives of changelings, it is unsurprising that run-ins with the law are common, be it freehold law or mundane. In order that the Lost have fair, understanding legal counsel, former lawyer Amasa Coleman gathered together like-minded changelings to create an order dedicated to protecting the legal interests of the lost.


The Circle is divided into branches based on their line of work, among them contract lawyers (a path particularly revered among the Lost); courtroom prosecutors and defense attorneys (a path revered among the barristers themselves); legal advisors; and notaries for wills, marriages and the like. The order does not deal in festivals or other events — rather, it acts as a network of contacts. Occasionally, all local barristers will gather in a bar association to set standards for the examinations sat by pupils.

Joining and Membership

Prerequisites: Wyrd 2, Academics 2, Expression 3, Legal Specialty (e.g. Law, Legal Research, Contracts)
Titles: Advocate, Barrister

As it is difficult to maintain an ordinary life long enough to graduate with a J.D., the Circle has been known to recruit from the freehold those who have a drive for justice and equity. Such recruits are apprenticed to a master barrister, who tutors the apprentice in legal matters, particularly as relate to the laws and customs of both Lost society and local mundane society (e.g. Florida law). When the master deems his student prepared, the pupil sits a bar exam equivalent. Academics is a common Skill, as are Expression (particularly with those focused on contract law) and Persuasion (particularly with courtroom lawyers). Intelligence, Manipulation, and Presence are also fairly common.


Given the origins and ideals of the organization, regardless of the form of lawyer the changeling is, he will find their tongue growing silvered.


  • The Lawyer’s Silver Tongue: Whenever utilizing their skills for the sake of a client, rolls to Expression and Persuasion gain +2.
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