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    Hardestadt, the lead founder of the Camarilla, was an enigmatic figure to say the least. Said to have been killed in the late 14th century and replaced by his own childe (known as Hardestadt the Younger), even in death he casts a long shadow upon the World of Darkness. There’s some implication that an entire council of Hardestadt family members may sit as the Directorate of clan Ventrue, running it to this night. In such a situation it would be nice to know more about this important figure and his lineage. Where was he from? What was he all about? Was he a noble, a warrior, or just a charismatic charlatan who created a lasting legacy? It’s happened before.

    Perhaps appropriately, digging into the man’s origins is just as confusing as his end…

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  • Ryanchaddock

    Let's explore the possible origins of the First City of the vampires. The place where Caine came to rule and embrace. 

    Firstly, let’s assume that the Assamites are telling the truth when they claim to have recorded a 10,000 year history, dating back to the First City. This is supported by canonical out-of-character evidence, such as several 4th generation characters with their embrace dates listed as early as 7000 BCE, such as with Japheth. While some in-character sources, such as the interview with Katherine of Montpelier in the Toreador Clanbook Revised place the First City as contemporaneous with Sumer, Ancient Egypt, or the Indus Valley civilization, those settlements only date back to the 2nd or 3rd millenniums BCE. That’s only halfway…

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