I made this account roughly a week ago due to the fact that I'm constantly reading from this wikia. I've been reading VTM lore before I ever played my first game of Vampire, which was around 4-5 months ago. I've also started playing Werewolf as well, it's super fun! Since then I've been reading a ton of lore from here, since I don't own the books personally(my groups storyteller has plenty, but they're at his place) and I decided that I should give back to the wikia in someway as a thanks for the information provided. So, since making an account, and as of this very moment, I've made 190 edits. I guess the point of this little blog is to let the community know that I'm grateful for the wikia they've set up, and I'm doing my best to help improve it in whatever way I can. It's mostly been adding links to words, and spelling corrections, and fixing awkward spacing, but you get the point. Every little bit counts right? Anyway, thanks for the awesome wikia!

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