Thanateros is of course the name of one of my characters. Thanateros is a shokushujin ("tentacled demon"), a type of hereditary polymorphic fomarch produced from the fusion of a Szantovich dhampir and a Karnalan Qyrling demon. Employing a necromantic ritual to emulate vampiric undeath, he began as my first Vampire: The Masquerade player-character, then later at the request of one of my own players (my girlfriend at the time) he became an NPC in a game I was running in which I filled in the two missing geoglyphs of the Triat using the two Powers from Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber multiverse to complete the triad: Logrus (the Wyld's geoglyph), Pattern (the Weaver's geoglyph), Black Spiral (the Wyrm's geoglyph). In a third game in which the game-master requested that I play Thanateros as a player-character again, Thanateros diablerized a vampire possessed by archsuccubus Aliara, which transformed Thanateros into the new Maeljin of Desire. To counteract the Wyrm's corruption within him Thanateros walked a Black Spiral to commune [successfully] with the Uncorrupted Purifier (Cahlash), which effectively made Thanateros a minor "Maeljin" of Cahlash.

The image to the left is a trump card for Thanateros. Trump cards enable communication and teleportation between universes, and function by employing one of the three major Powers. This trump for Thanateros is powered by neither the Weaver's Pattern nor the Wyld's Logrus; instead it is powered by the Wyrm's Spiral.

Thanateros and the being known as Sefirosu are parallel analogues of each other, though neither is aware of the other's existence yet; the two have not even traveled within the same universes.

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