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I've played a quite a bit. Mage and Werewolf and Demon in oWoD; Mage in nWoD for only a month. In my mind, my Acanthus left the group the same time the game broke up. She has Fate 4, Time and Space 2, Spirit 3 and few rotes, but you can get by with just luck and awareness on the road, I imagine.

I've never run WoD yet. (I might run a conspiracy using Muggles: there be but one rulebook I own) This seems the best system for role play, as opposed to dungeon crawling, which WotC has ground out something so smooth that they have defined that only what they pay attention to is what a dungeon crawl is. WotC is the technocracy. That's it.

Has anyone else ever played Aftermath?

I need to get...Edit

I need to work onEdit

  • Euthanatoi and the other cWOD mage groups I've a bit of info on.
  • Tellurian
  • set up a template for the Firstborn, and a paragraph for each of their tribes.
  • Morality, Virtue, Vice - I have the book, I can write a summary. :/
  • I am going to mess with glossary so bad for it is a useless category.
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