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I'm a longtime fan of Werewolf: the Apocalypse, especially the Fera. I'm a big fan of Exalted as well. I've never had the time to play outside conventions, but I love these settings. Mage, Changeling, and Mummy also intrigue me. I'm Bagheera at heart.

I admit that I just want a happy ending for the World of Darkness, since that looks increasingly unlikely in the real world.

You can find me on the Onyx Path and (in a previous incarnation) ShadownEssence fora as Erinys. I also have been a recent editor on the Babylon 5 Fandom Wiki.

Duck avatar is by Michal Klajban CC BY-SA 4.0, cropped to fit. Leopard avatar used to be an open license image online.

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  • artists signatures
    • Clint = Clint Langley, "Moritat" = Norman
    • Holt-like scribble w/ Roman numerals = Timbrook
    • Jack-Son in a circle = Mark Jackson, fish bones = Fischer
    • Dan Smith: see File:Durga_Syn.png
    • S-hairpin-dot = Beel, Torii shape = Aileen E. Miles
    • 7(/ (overlapping) = Greg Williams, •A = as = Sheikman, A3 = Borowiecka,
    • AD = Dunnigan, AH = Hightower, AMK = Kudelka, ar = Rex, BL = LeBlanc,
    • D.F. = Dave Fooden ?, DOOG = MacDougall, f = Felix, JB = Bridges, J.C. = Cobb,
    • Jd = Dollar, JGT = Timbrook, JM = Miracola, JR = Rebner, KMJ = Meyer,
    • Lee = Fields, LM = MacDougall, LMF = Fields, tall M = Mark Jackson,
    • MC = MCM2 = Chaney, MG = Gaydos, MM = Matthew Mitchell, MS = Mark Smylie,
    • PG = Pia Guerra, PL = Loboyko, PSP = Phillips, RG = RGM = Guay,
    • SA (star) = Araya, SE (overlapping cursive) = Ellis, SP rune = Prescott,
    • StO (bottom to top) = Stowe, VL = Vince, Жo6 = Kreitner
    • box with |LO CK E| in a matrix = Vince
    • box with |SOR REN TIN O in a matrix = Art by Andrea Sorrentino
    • VtM Bloodlines: Art by Troika Games
    • VtM Bloodlines 2: Art by Hardsuit Labs
    • VtM Redemption: Art by Nihilistic Software
    • VtM Heritage: Art by Nice Game Publishing
    • WtA Heart of Gaia: Art by DreamForge Intertainment
    • WtA Earthblood: Art by Cyanide SA

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