For some reason I can't edit my profile information except for my name.  Let's let the cat out of the bag a little bit.

Names: TheBeardedDragon, SensibleCenobite, SkullLord, Jobs, Asshole, and Curly

Born8th layer of Hell.

RaceWookie/Lizard/Hill Dwarf/Human/Gnome/Halfling

Age: 34 million years old in robot time.  I look 34.

Height: 50' tall in robot form, else 5'7.5" in Hill Dwarf form

Education:  Taught self to enjoy reading and writing with a dictionary, fiction novels, and pen and paper games.  I have a AA arts and BS Computer Science.  My favorite sources of information lately are BitChute, written books, audio books,,,,,,, listening to older and younger people.

Occupation:  Vacationer, delivery driver, just a simple gardener mi' lord, and Shaodwrunner. 

Hobbies:  Reading, Grammar B/C, Greek style teaching {roam around and share information}, history, archaeology, gardening, pooka-ese, and blogging.

Location:  1st layer of Hell.  A black hole where no one leaves for more than thirteen months at a time [I may have found a loop hole 0}:)].  We've all tried time and time again.  It's like Dark Man down here, but I'm Scottish, so fourth times a charm.

Lived:  Born on 8th Layer of Hell [18 months], 1st Layer of Hell [Family is here], Smiles [Carefree 7 months], Lumber Yard [Letting go for 13 months], Apathy Rock [Informative 1 week vacation], homeless [7 months to learn what not to need]

Traveled:  To every State in the union except for the North East at least once.  Mexico and Costa Rica.

Goals:  Spread edutainment across the land and remind people to take life less seriously.  Build an apple orchard in the next few years on a homestead.

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I was raised in hell as a robot in service to honesty, honor, compassion, sacrifice, and valor.  I've been doing calculations for the last thirty four million years and I think I might have a solution for the Red Star.  Laughter and detachment.  Considering nothing else has worked, *EVER*, let's try something completely different!

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I've been involved with White Wolf products for a long time.  I played Vampire up to the third third edition, Werewolf, Changeling, Exalted, Mage, others.  In a burst of inspiration I gave up PnP for good and most other things. However, I wanted to leave with a potential solution to the Red Star problem that I thought of with my best players and their characters.

The Red Star is like cancer.  It's responding to the negative energy we put in to it.  I don't like cancer wrapping around my ocular cavity like my step grand father Leviathan, but it's mostly, if not entirely my fault.  I don't want to scalpel my head or my new neighbors, so what to do?  I heard benign cancer doesn't get cut out, so come to terms I guess. I personally like mutants, freaks, and outcasts.

I recently found out what was causing my stress, which causes my coffee, smoking, working, schooling, etc... I took on both my biological grandfathers' troubles and couldn't tell it's not what I am [Not Leviathan].  I didn't get beat bloody and told I would be nothing by one great grandma. I don't have anything to prove to another great grandma or the satanic pact she made for wealth and local fame. 

SO, why was I pursuing all these things?  Programming from family is the best answer I can come up with.  I cast it away in one seconds worth of effort.  In one moment I decided to give up art, science, books, work, and school.  I feel better already. 

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How does this relate to the Red Star you might ask my fellow creatures of the night?  Just like my cancer and just like the throbbing pain in my left temple, we could in one second not give the Red Star anymore of our power and start laughing.  Maybe dodge ball or volley ball at Elysium this Friday?  We could invite the local Werewolves, Vampires, Changelings, Abominations, Freaks, Angels, robots, Demons, humans, etc.  I feel better than ever and the pressure just went away.  If nothing else, it could be a funny two week vacation before we get back to business as usual.

My Angel of a grandma is about to die and then I get to move on.  My step grandma and step great aunts were Angels as well.  I had an interesting family life growing up O}:)  If I'm not welcome at Elysium this Friday, I understand.  I'll see you at the beach or mountains in the future I'm sure.

When the only tool you have is a hammer everything else starts looking like a nail,

TheBeardedDragon In Service To Gaia

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