Mostly interested in Changeling: The Lost; I particularly enjoy creating Contracts and Entitlements in my spare time.

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Figure out if Arcadian realms should have individual pages; if so, tabulate the ones to do (WM, DD, ER; look at other sourcebooks, too) (Note: Russel Hammond got a subsection of redlinks up under Arcadia page; keep a lookout on that page for changes?):

Carnival of 1000 Delights (ER 123-124), the Cavern World (WM 49), Citadel of the Grays (WM 48), the City of Brass (WM 28), the Deep (ER 114), the Diamond Castle (WM 22-23), the Empty Wastes, the Estate (ER 110-111), the Farm (WM 42), the Fell Mines (ER 122), the Flying City (WM 28), the Garden (WM 35-36), Grinding Gears (ER 123), the Hall of Seasons (ER 109), Hardscabble Home (WM 42-43), the House of Infinity (ER 111-112), Icy Vastness (ER 113-114), the Manse of Forgotten Time (ER 109-110), the Mechanical Forest (WM 48-49), the Menagerie Dome (WM 36), the Savage Jungle (ER 120), the Screaming Jungle (WM 15), the Shining Metropolis (WM 35), the Shining Network (WM 28-29), the Stockyards (WM 15-16), Thorns Hold (WM 43), the Twilight Wood (ER 119-120), the Verdant Dream (ER 118), the Well of Tears (WM 22), the Wild Lodge (ER 118-119)


the Red Badge (AN 25-26), Red Badge Recruiter (AN 26-27), the Safe Harbor Society (AN 30), Shuck (AN 36-37), Shuck's Crew (AN 35-36), Sister Abigail (AN 30-31)

True FaeEdit

the Dream Journals of Jacob Tull (AN 58), the Gentle Boatman (AN 56), Minister Thorn (AN 56), She That Formed All Things (AN 55)

Promethean: The CreatedEdit


The Calavera (PTC 246), Dollface (PTC 246-247), the Pilgrim (PTC 247-248)

Vampire: The RequiemEdit


Gallows Post (CofD DE 266), Weihan Cynn (CofD DE 270-272)

Finished PagesEdit


200c (CofD) (Han dynasty info), 500c (CofD) (British Courts info), 1400c (CofD) (War of Roses info), 1592 (CofD) (Rose Court info), 1597 (CofD), 1600c (CofD) (Knights of St. Collen, Lucifuge info), 1610 (CofD) (Spanish Inquisition info), 1655 (CofD) (Estelle info), 1664 (CofD) (Accord info), 1683 (CofD) (Bagaudae info), 1688 (CofD) (Frost Fair info), 1690s (CofD)1709 (CofD) (Le Grand Hiver info)

Changeling: The LostEdit


Black Oak Wilds, Burning Sandsthe Chasms Under the World


Amy, Auntie AllyBertBlue Jenny, ConsusDamiana, Diane LittleDJ Hamlyn, Dove Knife-DancerErica Nightingale, Everett Flint, Gentleman John, Gertathe Glutton, Hag of Henzlowe ParkJack o' the Lantern, KumaloLinus, Liz MalloyLoathly Liz, Long-Tooth TomMadame EstelleMaggie Maudlin, the Man in Gray, Maya SharptongueMr. SmilesPoor WretchSextus, Sir Alistair Neville-Prycethe Sweep, Tommy Red HatTumbledown Royce, Wild Sam


The Cat, Dream Guardian, Goblin MinersIncubi, the Kindly Stranger, MnemidesNight Hags, Pale Brother, Rogue SisterRuinous Prince, Sandmen, Shame Riders, SuccubiSupernumeraries, Virgilius


Adjudicators of the WheelAncient and Accepted Order of Bridgemasons, Anti-Gentrification League, Barony of the Lesser Ones, Bishopric of Blackbirds, Bodhisattvas of the Broken Cage, Bronze Beylik, Charmed Circle, College of Worms, Companions of the ResignedDuchy of the Icebound Heart, Duchy of Truth and Loss, Eternal EchoesFamily of Silent Nights, Guild of Goldspinners, Guild of the Sacred JourneyHedge Wardens, Hound Tribunal, Knighthood of the DragonslayerKnighthood of Utmost Silence, Knights of St. CollenKnights of the Knowledge of the Tongue, Knights of the Widow's WalkLegacy of the Black Apple, Legion of the Iron Wall, Lord Sages of the Unknown ReachesLost PantheonMagi of the Gilded ThornMagistrates of the Wax Mask, Margravate of the BrimOffice of Vizieral Counsel, Order of the Hallowed GardenOrder of the Oneirophysics, Order of the Story HeroesParliament of Victors, Phantom Tong, Pilgrims of the Endless RoadSacred Band of the Golden Standard, Satrapy of Pearls, Scarecrow MinistrySolstice Court (Reworked), Squires of the Broken BoughTHOTH, Tolltaker Knighthood, Twilight Gleaners


Bobby Slim, Carlos Garcál, Don Sarno, Luke Argent, Mad AlMichael Bartok, the RecurrentRosalinda Forastero, Sister Mary Agatha, Tommaso Spinosi

General LoreEdit

Accord of the SpheresAetherwine, BagaudaeBloody NailCambionsChangeling: The Lost symbols (various), Contract (adding to general lists), Contract of Abjuration, Contract of Air and Darkness, Contracts of BladesContract of Inspirationthe Court of Ash, the Court of Bloodthe Court of Snow, Court of the North Starthe DovesDuelingEchoes, the Free AssemblyGoblin Contract (Grace Falsely Shed), GrimmPledge CurseSpring Court (Variants), Summer Court (Variants), Winter Court (Variant)

Hedge Creatures and HobgoblinsEdit

BlackgatorsBloodsuckle, Border Reavers, Boscage, Burr Cadger, Butcherbranch, Cadwallop, CobblebodyDrudgemen, Enticers, Fae Swarms, Fenghuang, Foreman, Freddy CloversmithGloomdrakes, Grim Grinning GauntHarvestmen, Laughing Ones, Marquise Tistresse, Moonwings, Mormo, Shimmerlings, SongwraithSprights, Suzaro, Terradont, Unmade (Character Sheet and picture), Vileshrikes, Will o' Wisps, Wyrd-Mites


Ancient Pact, Brotherhood in ArmsCareless Threat, Commendation, Forgiveness of the Imp, Fostering Oath, Fylgiar's Caul, Good Neighbors Pact, Heart's OathImpossible Quest, Ironwood PactKnight's Oath, Oath of Ceaseless StrivingOath of Retribution, Oath of the Rose and Thorn, Penitent's Pledge, Pledge of Horn and BoneReaper’s Pledge, Secrets of the Dead RiverUndesired Prohibition

True FaeEdit

Baron FairweatherBaroness of Tortured Harmonies, Blue Jenny's Keeper, Crimson MinistrixCrumbcoat and GanacheDzarûmazh, Grandma MaraGreat Multicolored Prince, Greve of Stolen Lovers, Hidden Killerthe HookIron Knight, Lady BolevileLong-Arm Jack, Maker in BrassMother Pickthe Old Man, Old Middy, the Pale DowagerRedtooth, RedtoothSnow Queen, Stripling Prince, the Three AndrogynesThorn PrinceVellum, YbalashiZookeeper

Wyrd CreaturesEdit

Crimson Weavers, Fallen StarsPattern Eaters

Mage: The AwakeningEdit

General LoreEdit

DumaniumPerfected Metals, SophisThaumium (2e)


Signs of Sorcery

Promethean: The CreatedEdit

General LoreEdit

Promethean: The Created symbols (Pilgrim Marks, Refinements)

Blog PagesEdit


Contracts of the Artist, Contracts of ComputersContracts of ContractsContracts of the Demon's Gate, Contracts of Eternal Solstice, Contracts of Fleeting Solstice, Contracts of the Healing MistsContracts of Lucid Dreams, Contracts of the Midnight SunContracts of Polar Night, Contracts of StarvationContracts of the Utter East, Contracts of the Utter North, Contracts of the Utter South, Contracts of the Utter West, Contracts of War
Look into Fleeting contracts for Sun and Moon; if so, shift Midnight Sun 4 (Constraint) to Fleeting and make a new 4, since Constraint fits well with the theme of Shame; same for Polar Night 4 (Mutability).


Arcadian School of Artistry, Circle of Attican Attorneys

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