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Since the blog pages seem to have all been purged, I'll just note down the current projects here:

Maybe add CofD info to Supernatural sometime.

Keep an eye on Andrés Chaos, whose edits look remarkably like the same kind of edits done by Werebear cat. For example, the "gallery widths=185" thing, which Werebear cat did numerous times, and the edits which add grammatical or spelling errors.

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Agáta Vlček, Amasa Coleman, Ashley Grey, Caden PearsonCole Fiers, Elisha Ramirez, Flora Hadera, Helia Elis, Holter Steele, Ioan Joseph, Iona Rouge, Ismail Griffiths, Jack White, Jungi HongKie Faire, Lillian LiaoLogan Acosta, Mert Markham, Michael Duan, Old Hiran, Rin Sprightly, Rosalinda RomeroSage Thale, Shane CeriseSimone GueveneSister Solaris, Stella June, Susan Sparrow, Trace Blitzen, William Frieze, Xia Ling


The Absurdthe Artist, Charge and Fluxthe Closed EyeComputersContractsthe Demon's GateEternal Solstice, Fleeting MoonFleeting Solstice, Fleeting SunHealing Miststhe HuntLucid Dreams, Midnight SunPolar Night, SoundStarvationthe TragicUtter East, Utter North, Utter South, Utter West, War


Arcadian School of Artistry, Circle of Attican Attorneys


The Grove

The City of Five Seasons

Chapter One: Twigs, Twine, and Shadow

Notes to Self

1. To make a redirect page, make a new page with the name that you want to be redirected. Then, in the body of the page you're making, write #REDIRECT [[Target page name]]. Add the usual #subdirectory if you want to hone in on a subsection (i.e. Hedge#Hedge Inhabitants to reach the Hedge Inhabitants subsection). As an example, to redirect the mis-spelled Changleing (CTL) to Changeling (CTL), name the new page Changleing (CTL), then in the body, write #REDIRECT [[Changeling (CTL)]].
2. Use <gallery captionalign="center">Image File.png|Image Name</gallery> to add a gallery
3. Another way of using references is to use <ref>{{b|Gameline|Book Name|page=X|pdf=X}}</ref>, followed by {{reflist}} in the references section; ref can be changed to ref name="X" to give hover text displaying X.
4. For blog links, use "User blog:Saslen/[Post Name]|Displayed Text" (e.g. [[User blog:Saslen/Arcadian School of Artistry|Arcadian School of Artistry]]).
5. When making templates, create a redlink that goes directly into the Template namespace (e.g. [[Template:CTLcourts2E]]).
6. When working with tables, in the section dealing with header values (!scope="col"), add ; style="color:black". This is much easier on the eyes, given the wiki's background color.

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