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Since the blog pages seem to have all been purged, I'll just note down the current projects here:

Note: As of 5 March 2021, the blog pages are back, though the user blog link-subsection-thing of the user page has not yet returned. The pages also seem to be edit-locked.

  • If the blogs ever are unlocked, make sure to change the Lenka Navrátil links into Lenka Navrátilová, as that is the feminine form of the name. Same goes for Agáta Vlček to Agáta Vlčková.
  • Additionally, change [[Hearth]] links to [[Hearth (CTL)|Hearth]].

Blog Pages


Agáta Vlček, Amasa Coleman, Ashley Grey, Caden Pearson, Cole Fiers, Elisha Ramirez, Flora Hadera, Helia Elis, Holter Steele, Ioan Joseph, Iona Rouge, Ismail Griffiths, Jack White, Jungi Hong, Kie Faire, Lillian Liao, Logan Acosta, Mert Markham, Michael Duan, Old Hiran, Rin Sprightly, Rosalinda Romero, Sage Thale, Shane Cerise, Simone Guevene, Sister Solaris, Stella June, Susan Sparrow, Trace Blitzen, William Frieze, Xia Ling


The Absurd, the Artist, Charge and Flux, the Closed Eye, Computers, Contracts, the Demon's Gate, Eternal Solstice, Fleeting Moon, Fleeting Solstice, Fleeting Sun, Healing Mists, the Hunt, Lucid Dreams, Midnight Sun, Polar Night, Sound, Starvation, the Tragic, Utter East, Utter North, Utter South, Utter West, War


Arcadian School of Artistry, Circle of Attican Attorneys


The Grove

The City of Five Seasons

Chapter One: Twigs, Twine, and Shadow

Notes to Self

  1. When working with tables, in the section dealing with header values (!scope="col"), add ; style="color:black". This is much easier on the eyes, given the wiki's background color.
  2. Some navboxes have background colors such that the entries are barely legible. Might want to use <font color=#085AE4></font>, which is a color that is both innocuous and readily visible on most of the backgrounds wherein the default color is not.
  3. Add the following to a navbox to make it both collapsible and collapsed by default: |class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed table"
  4. Trying to fix the table formatting that FandomDesktop messed up. I think this works on computer. Not sure if it looks good on mobile.
  5. Finished with my project re: the scrollable, offset box. Used as such: {{Scroll|{{Reflist}}}}

{|div style="text-align: center"; class="browser"; border=1; width="600px"
|class="prev"|[[2003 (WOD)|2003]]
|class="topic"|[[2000c (WOD)|21st century]]<br />[[2000d (WOD)|2000s]]
|class="next"|[[2005 (WOD)|2005]]

2003 21st century

{|div style="text-align: center"; class="browser"; border=1; width="600px"
| class="prev" | Previous book:<br />{{b|CofD|Gothic Icons|pdf=146959|nip=1}}
| class="topic" | [[Game Books]]<br />[[Chronicles of Darkness books]]
| class="next" | Next book:<br />{{b|CofD|The Twelve Days of Onyx Condition Cards|ccg=169493|nip=1}}

Previous book:
CofD: Gothic Icons Buy it from DriveThruRPG! Now in Print!
Game Books
Chronicles of Darkness books
Next book:
CofD: The Twelve Days of Onyx Condition Cards Buy it from DriveThruCards! Now in Print!