aka Jonathan Black

  • I live in Akron ,Ohio
  • I was born on June 21
  • My occupation is Retired
  • I am Male

my name is Jonathan black and im 38 years old. Im from Akron, Ohio, i bought the trinity rule book in May the year 1999 and i bought it to read the story about the future, i have always liked science fiction and  i thought that the trinity depiction of America in the year 2120 was really interesting...........

I also thought the early future history leading up to 2120 was very accurate, (but with the exception that the Aberrants did not appear in the year 1998). In the 1990s the trinity rule book told of a mission to the moon's south pole this sounded like a combination of the Clementine mission from 1996 and possibly other missions to the moon around this time. These were the first missions to the moon since the 1970s. The book talked about the crater at the south pole, it never gave a name to the crater, and this crater is now known as Shackleton crater, but in real life there was frozen ice discovered in this crater the frozen ice lake was never named in real life but the book called the ice lake Galatea.............

This was a interesting name because i years before i bought this book i fantasized about making a base or estate on the Earth's moon and i was going to call it Galaxia. The thing is although the earthlings always knew that there was water at the south pole of the Moon, it was not discovered and confirmed until the year 2008 by the Indian space program that Water was actually every where on the moon and not just at Shackleton crater. Also the Indian mission to the Moon happened exactly 1 year after the Chinese mission to the Moon......,...

Also later on the book said that a faster space travel propulsion system would get discovered in the 2020s it called this space propulsion hyper-fusion. this is very similar to how president Obama spoke of us needing to discover a faster kind of space travel. Also the probe to Pluto that was launched in 2006 used a faster than normal space travel. Also after the the United states got destroyed by something called the great blight in the 2020s which was caused by supernatural circumstances. Its unlikely that the Great blight event will occur in the real 2020s but it is theorized that a economic crash should happen to developed economies of the world in the year 2022 due to national debt levels being too high..........

In the year 2009 i first learned about the white wolf wikia and in those days i learned that the makers of trinity were also the makers of the vampire the masquerade series. Also i thought about joining but i decided that id rather just wait until later on to join the white wolf wikia. So in 2015 i joined this wikia...........

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