A Large Imagination

It started out when I was very small, and all I wanted to do was be able to fly. I did not know that gaming existed then but I was able to imagine myself flying high above the clouds, doing things against impossible odds.

When I got to high school, I was introduced to AD&D. I learned that you can fly... with rules. Time pressed on and I entered the military. Gaming took a back seat for a little while, until I got to my technical school and learned about VTM and wondered why I had not heard about the Storyteller system sooner.

As I spent time in the military I made bonds with people who shared my experiences there both as fellow military members and (some) as fellow gamers. One of those individuals I made a bond with, I eventually married.

The Time is Now

Neither of us are in the military any longer, but we both still game almost every weekend with each other. We have a lot of game books. They proudly line floor to ceiling bookshelves that take up most of the livingroom and diningroom. I am afraid if we get any more game books we may have to buy a larger house.

  • By the way, I have played: VTM, Exalted (Go Dragon Blooded!), Aberrant, MET, Werewolf (once), VTR, and I am currently working on a Scion game... as well as a few other games that are not Storyteller System based (for flavor mostly).

It is all about ME

For fun I do the various renditions of Final Fantasy, I like to solve Logic Puzzles, and write HTML code from scratch (WYSIWG will be your doom!!). I must admit this strange Wiki coding is taking a bit to get used to. I am so old school... I must have spent too much time playing VTM because I seem get paranoid about telling people too much about me online. (shrug)

  • Please forgive any and all spelling errors you may find in any pages that I create or edit (and be sure to correct those misspelled words without mercy, I do not mind). Spelling has always been my downfall.

I'm Baaack!!!

Sorry for the long time away folks. My life has been one thing after another. After much deliberation (and frustration), my group has requested to go with Scion instead of Aberrant. So I have been working offline with a game that I have had no previous experience with. (Good times, good times.) But I am now to the point where I have returned. I shall be working more on Scion now than I have been on Aberrant but I shall try to divide my attention to both.

Wiki Pages I Like (Done Primarily By Other People)

I like to give Kudos when they are due...

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