About MeEdit

Overview: LivesByProxy wishes he could be a game designer, programmer, and/or artist, occasionally dabbling in all of these things to no avail. He has lots of ideas about Vampires, MOBAs, and puzzle games. You can find his musings over on his blog.

Skills: Diction +3, Art Enthusiasm +3, Flavor-Focused Design +5

Special Ability: Torpor - LBP passively mulls things over for days, weeks, and sometimes months or years before making a decision or taking any actions. Upon reaching critical levels of inner turmoil, he lets loose in a storm of creative productivity, gaining +5 to all stat checks and saving throws made within the next 3 hours.

Other Info: LBP doesn't normally talk about himself in the 3rd person but when he does he says his hobbies include reading, writing, drawing, and dungeon crawling. He really should make more time for these activities but finds himself surfing the web more often than not. He also has a fondness for board and card games, including, but not limited to: Magic: the Gathering, Android: Netrunner, and Vampire: the Eternal Struggle, which he considers top-tier games in both flavor and fun.

Vampire: The VendettaEdit

Is my attempt at rescuing Vampire from torpor and fixing (what I perceive) to be the problems with it. It combines the best of Masquerade and Requiem (IMO).

The Bloods Edit

There are 7 types of vampire, each defined by its physical characteristics.

The Creeds Edit

There are 11 belief systems, each attempting to describe the vampiric condition and their origin.

The Parties Edit

There are 5 political factions vying for control over kine and territory.

With each vampire having a blood, creed, and party, we get this triple axis for maneuvering, scheming, and contesting loyalties.

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