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I play heavy crossover games of White Wolf set in Los Angeles, Providence, Boston, Australia and where the Transylvania Chronicles went.

Some ideas I had


  • God is the sum of the Trinity of Wyld, Weaver and Wyrm. However, when Fallen speaks with sage Garou, they believe he is the Patriarch, one of the three major Incarna of the Weaver. Spiritually, the Patriarch is the idea behind all organized religion, and most churches are inhabited by Weaver Spirit who think they are Angels.
  • Rituals can be used by anyone, even mortals. However, each type must be learnt separately (oriental, druidic, Garou)

Pentex Projects

  • Project Concrete: Destroy all natural vegetation.
  • Project Dredd: Control the law and make sure it can't be used against Pentex.
  • Project Eden: Control or influence Demons.
  • Project Ghost: Channel necromantic Yin energies and influence Spectres.
  • Project Simba: Control or influence all gangs.
  • Project Stork: Created in 2003 to find a way to make Garou breed again (possessed by Banes).
  • Project Troia: Control rich influent parents trough the use of their children.

New Promise Mandarinate non-canon Wu

  • Eight Thousand Eyes, led by the Resplendant Crane Mu Hyu under the Nushi Owl, and devoted to uncovering information on all sources in Los Angeles, including the Sabbat and Pentex.
  • Thousand Needles, led by a Devil-Tiger nicknamed Sephiroth under the Nushi Bahamuth, this gang of showoff bamboo princes strike vigorously at the Sabbat.
  • Palm Lizard, led by the Resplendent Crane Fu Ling under the Nushi Rat, they are in charge of the acquisition of Chi (most prostitutes are now under their jurisdiction)


All Kuei-Jin knows the location of the invisible portal leading to Chinatown realm of the Umbra where all Chinatowns are represented and accessible. In 1999, one million Wraiths assaulted the Stygian forces. Now, Qing Wuan leads the remaining forces of the Empire of Jade (46 875 Wraiths). They accuse the Renegadea or Heretics of using an artifact causing the Great Maelstrom.


Located at the Rancho Los Alamitos in the South of Long Beach. In 1998, it had 250 000 wraiths (mostly Spanish) including 50 000 military. Stygian forces surrendered quickly. It now has 31 250 Wraiths (250 became Risen, 250 became Skinland Wraiths).


Multi-convention projects:

  • Project Van Helsing: Destroy all Vampires. 3% of Technocracy are members.
  • Project Exorcism: Destroy all Ghosts. 2% of technocracy are members.

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