My first encounter with WoD games was when I picked up the rule book for Vampire: The Masquerade in 1997 in Middle School.  The world seemed interesting but not too compelling and I never played the system.  Later, I thumbed through the Mage: The Ascension handbook in a comic book store sometime in 1998 and bought it immediately.  I read it cover to cover in the next few days having fallen in love with I think the best magic system I've ever encountered.

I tried running a few Chronicles but with no success until M20 came out and now I run one set in Philadelphia.  I'm happy with most of the changes made to M20 but I still have a few house rules I use.  I look forward to seeing new supplements made for M20 as I wasn't too interested in Mage: The Awakening.

I have almost every supplement made for Mage: The Ascension at this point except for a few obsolete editions. 

I've also been taking a deep dive into Wraith whose books are a bit on the expensive side on the secondary market.  It seems like a fascinating world but I couldn't imagine running a chronicle.  Doing so seems like it'd be quite hard.

House Rules for Philly By NightsEdit

  • Characters don't drop for as Arete (first article I've written!) increases but instead they can not use a focus without penalty for effects whose highest sphere is less or equal to their Arete minus 4.  So at Arete 5, the a character can use all 1 dot effects without requiring a focus.
  • Characters may only have a number of hanging effects equal to their Arete times some multiplier.  It seemed to easy to spend down time to create massive extended effects that using duration successes to create hanging shields that had 30-40 successes behind them.  For now, characters can only have a number of latent successes equal to their Arete times 4.  I'm curious if other Storytellers have similar thoughts.
  • Sanctum cannot be purchased beyond 2 dots.  Getting five dots of sanctum makes many effects comically easy.  Correspondence plus sanctum 5 can make a Mage who can remotely cast fireballs even in public at difficulty 3 which didn't seem to fit with how the world worked.  I'm fine with characters having a safe space to lick their wounds but too high a score encourages people to just do things remotely.
  • Resources represents passive income.  If a character has a full time job, they have zero dots of resources.  The character is already paying in time, there's no need to also pay in dots.
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