Uriel was a Salubri warrior, childe of Samiel. He became the leader of the Warrior caste after the destruction of his sire.


According to the Salubri historian Nuriel, after Samiel’s Final death, Saulot was in such sadness that he became withdrawn from the world and from his clan. But it was Uriel who found Samiel’s writings, which would become the Warriors’ Code. Uriel took up Samiel’s mantle and led the warrior caste with a new sense of purpose. Legends hold that Uriel was the one to write down the first Code after Samiel dictated it to him.

They sought out new students and Embraced them in the way of the Code, training them just as they had been trained, replenishing the ranks of the ones lost in the war with the Baali. The Salubri warriors that remained can trace their linage back to Uriel, who was one of five grandsires who kept the clan from fading away in Saulot’s grief.


  • Uriel's biography does not seem to agree with the tale of Qawiyya el-Ghaduba. According to Qawiyya's account, she was the bearer of the first-hand copy of the Code of Samiel, penned by the mythical warrior himself centuries ago. This account claims Qawiyya was Samiel's favorite childe who single-handedly launched a divergent warrior’s path from within the clan of healers.
  • Aside from Uriel, the other four Salubri progenitors of the Warrior caste were Za'aphiel, Aariel, Ezrael and Gabriel. However, this tale curiously fails to mention Ithuriel.



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