Urban Legends are a type of Animate Chimera.

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In recent years, new and strange chimera have been sighted in the Dreaming. Kithain folklorists hotly debate over the origin of these bizarre creatures. Most believe that the rise of pop culture, enthusiastically consumed by Dreamers and changelings alike, is responsible for sightings of chimera that might have come straight from creepy websites or horror movies.

Urban legends are almost as diverse as nocnitsa, and can be as unpredictable as nervosa. They may manifest as alligators in the sewers, poltergeists tormenting family homes, or anything in between. Their relatively recent history makes them dangerous: Nobles removed from mortality often have little understanding of how to deal with slendermen and murderous children’s toys, and excitable commoners more versed in the world often jump into encounters without truly understanding that their enemy is far more than a scary story.

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