Pronunciation: yoo'-pay-oh wah mah'-tchoh
Proxy: Bolade Atwan
Aptitude: teleportation

The Upeo wa Macho ("The Horizon", also simply the Upeo) is one of eight Psi Orders to reveal themselves to the public of the Trinity era. As with the other psi orders, the Upeo wa Macho was founded in 2103 by one of the eight proxies — in this case, Bolade Atwan.

Members of the Upeo are often referred to as teleporters (after their Aptitude), porters (short for teleporters), or jumpers (slang for teleportation).

Formerly headquartered in the aptly-named Upeo wa Macho spaceport in Nigeria, currently headquartered in a hollowed-out asteroid orbiting Ruan's World, Africa is the Upeo's home geographical area. The Order's Prometheus Chamber triggers latents to the rare teleportation Aptitude.


Early Years Edit

While exploring space, the Upeo came across a group of humans claiming to be from a world named Eden. Eden was apparently ruled over by a group of Aberrants (who called themselves novas), who actually appeared to be mostly human and rather benevolent. They had nothing but humanity's best interests in mind.

When Atwan disclosed this discovery to the rest of the proxies, they made noises about how the Upeo were now collaborating with Aberrants, were allowed too much free rein, and needed to be under the other orders' strict control.

Unfortunately, their planned invasion of the Upeo spaceport coincided with The Colony's attack on the Esperanza space station. Atwan thought the calls for help were a ruse to trick her order into getting trapped, and the order as a whole left for Ruan's World.

Recent History Edit

The Future Edit

Organization Edit

The Upeo are organized as a sort of trade guild, ferrying people and materials from place to place and world to world.

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